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Billing/Credit Policy

When you receive product from us, you will receive a paper shipper. You will receive an invoice for this product within 1 week. Our standard procedure is to fax or e-mail this invoice to you. Any credit return invoices will be postal mailed. You will receive a monthly statement around the first of each month via postal mail. It will list any outstanding invoices that are due according to the credit terms listed below.

Please contact our accounts receivable department to change the way your invoices are delivered to you. When you request fax delivery, your fax machine must be on at all times. We will not call ahead. When you request e-mail delivery, you will receive one invoice per e-mail. This invoice will be displayed as a PDF attachment. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this document. Adobe Acrobat Reader is available as a free download at: http://www.adobe.com. Your invoice e-mail will come from ,please make sure that you add this as an allowed sender on any SPAM filter you may be using.

Credit Terms:

Our terms are 2% the 7th -Net 30. Materials purchased from us must be paid for by the 7th of each month following shipment to earn applicable cash discounts. The obligation is due by the end of the month following billing and will be considered past due on the first of the month thereafter if payment is not received. No extended terms such as “Job Completion,” “Phase Completion,” or the like are offered. All past due accounts accrue a late payment finance charge on the unpaid balance of 2% per month (calculated at 24% annum).

Once a customer has established an account with our company, he may charge on that account until his credit limit is exceeded or the account becomes past due. When either of these conditions occur, the customer will be placed on temporary C.O.D. until the account status is current.


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