Company History

T.A. Gentry Supply, Inc. was started on March 1, 1969, by Terry and Carolyn Gentry in Holland, Michigan. The buying, selling, and delivering of plumbing products were all done by Terry while his wife Carolyn took care of all the office duties. The back seats of the family 1964 Oldsmobile were removed and the car made a good delivery vehicle. The first warehouse was the 2 stall garage at their home. This only lasted a few months when the company’s first delivery truck was purchased and the old Wooden Shoe building in Holland, Michigan was rented and used for warehousing product. Since its inception, the company motto has been to provide quality products at competitive pricing with exceptional service.

In March, 1974, 20 acres of land was purchased and a new building was erected at the present location of 2096 112th Avenue in Holland, Michigan.

Major product lines were very hard to secure, so Terry took on lines that the competitors didn’t have and used his sales skills to get his customers to give them a try. He started warehousing cast iron pipe and fittings, copper and tubular goods, and sump pumps. As the business grew in sales, more major lines became available to the company. The first employee was hired and Terry and Carolyn’s young sons were helping to unload and store the cast iron fittings.

During these years, the company continued to grow and new employees were added to the team. A new location in Lansing, Michigan was opened in 1988 showcasing a 3,500 square foot showroom.

The 1990’s were growth years for the company. Another new location was opened in Kalamazoo, Michigan. During those years, Terry Gentry dealt with more health problems, including 3 broken legs, a pulmonary embolism, lymphoma cancer, a bone marrow transplant and open heart surgery. He states that “God blessed me and healed me during those times in my life”.

Today, T.A. Gentry Supply continues to grow. Our company motto continues to be …quality products at competitive pricing with exceptional service.

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